Travel South to St. Augustine

Tuesday July 19th 2022

I was up early to get ready to travel. The nice sunny morning complicated my travel preparations. A few minutes working outside in the sun resulted in dripping sweat. There was enough time before the 11AM checkout that I could take plenty of breaks to sit, drink water and cool off. It was a couple of minutes after 11AM as I pulled out of the campground.

My first stop was for gas before I got on the Interstate. Georgia is still suspending some of the gas tax, so gas is much less expensive than Florida. I paid four dollars a gallon this morning in Georgia. The price in Florida was about thirty cents a gallon higher. There was a little drama at the gas station. The first pump I tried didn’t work. It looked like the computer control crashed and couldn’t reboot. I had to swing around the truck parking lot and reposition at a different pump.

My understanding of the weather forecast differed from reality. I thought it was going to be a rain free day, but as I drove south toward St. Augustine Florida dark clouds filled the southern horizon. As I got closer, I could see a lot of lightening in the black clouds. I drove into rain shortly after that. The center of the storm was not in my path. The rain I had to drive through was not heavy. When I arrived at my destination, Sun Outdoors St. Augustine, formerly known as Compass RV resort, the rain had let up. Plenty of deep puddles showed the volume of rain I missed. Several other periods of rain passed through as the afternoon progressed. So much for it being a dry day.

Site 131 in the Oasis section of the Sun Outdoors St. Augustine RV resort.

I have stayed at this RV resort several times in the past. The name change seems to only be for purposes of branding the resort with its parent company Sun Outdoors. They have been the owner for several years, but the name changed this year. Tomorrow I’ll wander around the resort to see what may have changed.


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