Lazy Rainy Monday

Monday July 18th 2022

The weather was very uncooperative today. It was bright and close to sunny this morning, but it didn’t last. I usually kick off the lethargy of a leisurely breakfast and internet surfing around noon. Today the rain was on the same schedule. The first line of storms for the day moved into the area just after noon. Any thoughts of going out went out of my head as the rain hit the roof. The rain slacked off and stop after a couple of hours. A second round of rain arrived at the dinner hour.

Single blossom of the day.

I got a few travel preparation tasks completed today, but for the most part it was a very lazy day. During the lull between rain events in the afternoon, I got in one walk around the campground. The noise and activity of the weekend were over. There were far more empty sites than occupied ones. As the day went by only a couple more RVs arrived. It will be even more empty when I leave in the morning (not that anyone will notice). I am traveling to St. Augustine Florida as I continue to tread water in northeast Florida.


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