A Downtown Sunday

Sunday July 17th 2022

Most of the day was nice and sunny with low humidity and a low high temperature in the upper eighties. The exception to that norm came as the sun was setting. A thunderstorm started to rumble to the southwest. Shortly after dark a light rain started to fall on the roof of my RV home. It is still raining as I am writing this blog entry.

The campground emptied out quickly this morning. My immediate neighbor departed before I was ready to get out of bed. That left a neighbor two sites away to depart. They were late departing because of a mechanical difficulty. Their patio awning wouldn’t stow into travel position. It turned into a real production between the camper and a couple of the campground staff. Basically, they had to disassemble one of the support arms to get the awning retracted. I’m not sure how they ended up securing the support arm for travel, but they were on the road after an hour or two delay. While I sympathized with their situation, it was an entertaining morning.

During the afternoon I returned to downtown Historic St. Mary’s. There were many other people that had the same idea to walk along the river and sit in the park watching the action in the river. While I was there several pleasure and fishing boats were launched at the boat ramp. I am always amazed by some of the antics people go through to launch their boats. Today I saw one guy hanging by his knees over the bow of his boat to disconnect the cable from the trailer. Why he didn’t do it before he got in the boat is a mystery. I spent a couple of hours getting more entertainment from people watching.


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