Confusing Saturday

Saturday July 16th 2022

The sun didn’t make an appearance today. It remained behind a thick layer of clouds. The good news is it didn’t rain on my RV home, but my car wasn’t so lucky. I made the mistake of driving south toward Jacksonville into some even thicker deep black clouds. My outdoor plans were rained out. I turned back to the north and drove out of the rain before I reached the Georgia boarder.

Blossom of the day.
Statue at the Florida Welcome Center on Interstate 95.

As I expected not as many RVs departed the park this morning. More people are here for the weekend rather than a single night. I’m really not good at guessing the intent of my fellow campers. I expected the people in the RV next to me to be leaving this morning, but they didn’t. They are from Massachusetts and didn’t disconnect the trailer from their truck when they arrived Friday. On the other hand the people a couple of sites down from Florida setup a whole outdoor kitchen when they arrived Friday. They were gone before 9:30 this morning.

The park pool got a lot of use today. It is a good size pool with a water slide and a refreshments stand. All of the families with kids seemed to be over there at one time or another today. The park tried to provide entertainment late in the afternoon. They sent out a text message announcing a musical performance by “one of your fellow campers” on the stage near the pool starting at 4PM. I wandered over their around 4:30 and they were packing their instruments away. It may have been a little too impromptu.

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