A Visit to the River and a Grocery Run

Friday July 15th 2022

It turned out to be a nice weather day. The forecast at the start of the day called for rain at any point during the day. It was cloudy in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. The temperature peaked around ninety with plenty of humidity and a gentle breeze. The threatened rain never arrived.

A young alligator that still has its yellow camouflage stripes.

Today was a grocery shopping day, but I went the long way. My first stop was back on the river in downtown St. Marys. There was more wildlife around today. There were seagulls on the piers and a confused juvenile alligator in the river near the boat launching area. Alligators do not usually live in the brackish water of a tidal zone river. It was getting a lot of attention from the people trying to fish for crabs. From the gator’s perspective the crabs the people were trying to catch were the center of attention.

The grocery area of Walmart was very busy in the afternoon. Part of the community the store serves includes the Kings Bay Submarine base, so there were a few military families in the crowd. It is a well stocked store, but suffers from some the issues I’ve observed at other Walmart stores in the northeast Florida and southeast Georgia area. They don’t seem to be stocking as many alternatives as I expect. Fore example, they don’t have all the flavors of Rice-A-Roni or microwaveable rice dishes. In another area, one thing I’ve been putting off buying for the last few weeks was coffee. I have been waiting to find the larger sizes. Today I finally had to buy the smaller size container. Anything is better than running out my morning elixir. It still cost nearly as much as the larger one cost a few months ago.

In yesterday’s blog entry I wrote that the campground was probably filling up for the weekend. I was wrong. It emptied out this morning just like every other morning this week. This afternoon new arrivals filled in the empty space. I am not going to guess if they are here for the night or the weekend. My track record is terrible.


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