An Indoor Kind of Day

Thursday July 14th 2022

Today turned out to be an inside kind of day. The weather wasn’t bad, but just different enough from the last few days to cause a change in my behavior. The temperature didn’t get down as low last night meaning that it got hot and humid quickly this morning. I had the AC on before I finished breakfast. I ventured out for a couple of walks around the campground, but stayed in the cool comfort inside my RV home the rest of the day. The daily thunderstorms arrived after 5PM. The rain continued for a few hours.

Blossom of the day.

I was busy with inside chores all day. The most annoying task was a carryover from last night. My Windows laptop was applying all of the latest Windows 10 updates. I’ve had updates turned off for the last few weeks, because I was connecting via expensive and limited Cellular Data. At this park there is good free WiFi available. I changed the settings when I was finished updating the blog last night and the updates started to download. I allowed the system to reboot once last night before I went to bed. This morning it needed two more reboots. Hopefully it will be stable for a few more weeks. It is practically unusable while it is updating.

I also got a little bit of cleaning done and got one of two new seat covers installed on the seats in the motorhome cab. It actually fits well and looks pretty good. Anything was going to be better than the pealing fake leather. I’m tired of vacuuming little pieces of vinyl all the time. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the other one.

The campground has a few more residents tonight. It may be the coming weekend of or it may be just a coincidence of travel. How many leave in the morning will provide the answer.


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