A Humid Day

Saturday July 9th 2022

I have come to the conclusion that the TV weather talkers can not how to forecast when the thunderstorms are going to arrive. Last night the storms were forecast for late in the day. This morning they were going to arrive in the early afternoon. Noon is the early afternoon, but I think it was a little before they thought the storms would arrive.

The last of the morning blue sky.

The day began mostly cloudy and very humid. There was very little breeze to move the air around. The temperature climbed to mid eighties before the rain arrived. The first set of storms were over by about 2PM. A second round occurred with the arrival of darkness. Between the two storms the humidity was extreme and there was no wind.

My task for the day was the laundry, but it wasn’t without its share of annoyances. There are two facilities in the park, neither of which are within walking distance carrying a load of laundry. My timing and the arrival of the rain were in sync. It started to rain while I was driving to the laundry facility at the front of the park. By the time I was in the building I was drenched. After I get all of my laundry into two washing machines the next issue pops up. Only one of the two machines I loaded up would take my credit card. Luckily I was able to cram everything into one machine and the dryers were more accommodating. Everything came out fine and I saved two bucks because of their faulty equipment. It rained the whole hour and a half I sat on the porch outside the laundry waiting for the loads to finish. I returned to my RV home after the thunderstorm passed.


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