Rainy Afternoon

Friday July 8th 2022

The day began with sunshine among scattered clouds. It was very still morning. The temperature climbed rapidly to the upper eighties. Not long after lunch everything changed. The sky started to darken and the wind started to blow. To the east lightening started to flash followed by the rumble of thunder. The rain from this storm missed here as the storm moved south away from this area. Half an hour or so later the next storm brought the rain. The remainder of the afternoon was wet. Sometimes it was a heavy rain and at others just a light precipitation. Overall it met the very definition of a rainy afternoon. The good news is it wasn’t as heavy as yesterday’s storm.

Blossoms of the day.

I squandered the better part of the day. A lazy breakfast with lots of internet reading took up all of the sunshine hours. Just as I was getting ready to implement yesterday’s plan for a trip to the St. Johns river the threatening weather approached. The first storm was on a path right for my desired destination. Some of these Florida summer afternoon storms can drop enough rain to make driving very dangerous. Staying home is the best choice under theses conditions. On the news this evening the weather talkers reported one area southwest of Jacksonville that got over six inches of rain. I need to switch the active part of my day from afternoon to morning before the weather.

Today was a low exercise day. I only got in one partial walk around the RV park. There was too much moisture in the area along with the threat of lightening. Some sources call Florida the lightening capital of America. It seems like there is a story on the local news about somebody getting hit by lightening every week.


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