Last Day at Pecan Park RV Resort

Sunday July 10th 2022

I was expecting another day with heavy thunderstorms during the afternoon, but that is not what happened. The day started cloudy, still and humid. Shortly after noon when the first set of thunderstorms were predicted the sky to the north and east got very dark. I buttoned up my RV home and turned on the AC expecting a downpour at any minute. We got a few sprinkles of rain. During the rest of the day a few more dark clouds passed by, but no more rain fell. The high temperature was in the mid eighties.

Blossom of the day.

This is my last full day at Pecan Park RV Resort. I’m moving up the highway a few miles tomorrow. Most of my activity today was focused on getting ready to move. The inside of my RV home had gotten quite cluttered over the five weeks I’ve been here. The biggest item of clutter was all of the packaging from my Amazon purchases. I had broken all of the boxes down, but hadn’t taken them to the park dumpsters. I’ve walked my trash bags full of junk to the dumpsters on a regular basses, but the boxes needed to be chauffeured to the dumpster. They would have been dropped or blown out of my control on the long walk to the dumpster.

I have enjoyed my stay here, but it is time to move on. My walks around the park are not turning up new things to see anymore. Check out is at 11AM tomorrow, so I will have to get up at a reasonable time tomorrow morning. No more sleeping in. I’ll have to kill some time on my way to my next location, so I’ll buy gas and checkout the Georgia Welcome Center.

Good-bye goose.

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