Thinking About Fireworks

Monday July 4th 2022

The good news is it didn’t rain today. The bad news is it was hot and humid. The high temperature for the day was in the low nineties.

Blue Sky and clouds over the Nassau River

I spent some time today scouting out possible places to watch the Jacksonville fireworks. They are launched from several sites around the city. I don’t want to go into the center of the city and get stuck in crowds and traffic. An ideal place would be along the north bank of the St. Johns River with a view of several of the launch locations. I wasn’t successful. I’m not familiar enough with the area or the exact locations of the launch sites. It will be TV and Internet fireworks for me this year.

Over the last few years on my Rambling Road Trip I’ve been lucky to be able to see the Forth of July Fireworks from my campsite most years. In 2017 I was able to see the fireworks in West Wendover Nevada down the hill from my campsite. I was also able to walk into town and watch the parade that morning. In 2019 I was able to see the fireworks in Pasco Washington. The next year I was confined to the campground in Grants New Mexico because of COVID restrictions on travelers, but I was able to watch the fireworks from my site. Last year the fireworks for the town of Chattahoochee Florida were visible from the end of the campground loop I was staying on. Twenty Eighteen was the last year I didn’t get to watch the fireworks from my site.

Last night I commented in the blog that I wasn’t hearing any fireworks in the area. Tonight I am hearing the sound of fireworks. They are from a good distance away. The nearest residential area in the direction of the noise is over a mile away. I did not here the public fireworks from Jacksonville.

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