Fireworks on YouTube

Tuesday July 5th 2022

Today’s weather was very similar to Monday’s. The temperature peaked in the low nineties with plenty of humidity and some wind. The only real difference was one brief period of threatening weather. Just after the noon hour there were lots of black clouds and some rumbling of thunder to the east, but no rain fell in this area. By mid afternoon blue sky returned for the remainder of the day.

“You test the water first”

I started my day catching up with the Fourth of July Fireworks. Since I didn’t see any in person last night, I started my day watching YouTube Videos of various fireworks shows. The video of the local Jacksonville show was mostly from aerial shots, but it was clear I would have been in the wrong place if a good view if I had attempted to view them from the spot I was considering. Overall they weren’t that impressive although I’m sure they would have been great in person.

The other fireworks I watched on YouTube were from Walt Disney World. Both Magic Kingdom and Epcot had special 4th of July fireworks shows. Several people posted vlogs to YouTube of the shows. It is the first time since 2019 that Disney held the special fireworks shows. The shows from both parks were impressive, but the Epcot presentation was over the top. They added a ten minute special fireworks show to the end of the regular Harmonious pyrotechnics show. The sky above the World Showcase Lagoon was filled with Red, White and Blue fireworks set to patriotic music. Once again it would have been better to be there, but it was a good show on video as well.

The remainder of my day was spent on chores and my regular walks around the RV resort. The park is back to its regular sleepy midweek atmosphere. Most of the people that arrived for the weekend have departed and many of the rest are back to there regular work schedule.

There were plenty of jets going in and out of Jacksonville International Airport today.

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