A Quiet Sunday at the RV Park

Sunday July 3rd 2022

The daily rain arrived at 2PM today. It started heavy and transitioned to a long drawn out period of gentle rain. Around 7PM I looked outside to a blue sky and a bright sun in the western sky. The temperature reached the upper eighties before the rain brought it down to the upper seventies. The bright sun after the rain allowed the temperature to climb again before nightfall.

Before the Rain

This was a very quiet and sleepy RV resort today. People stay inside their air conditioned RVs most of the time. When I was out walking I saw a few people, but not any real gathering of folks. The exception happened this afternoon during the light rain period. The power went out for about half an hour. Everybody came out of their RVs long enough to look around and verify it was more than just them with a power issue. Brief “Are you out too?” questions and answers were exchanged. Then we all went back inside to wait for the power to return.

The park management sent out a reminder late last week that fireworks are prohibited in the RV park. So far it has worked. I haven’t heard any fireworks going off in the area. The park is located in an unpopulated area. The nearest housing development is to the north out of the flight path in and out of Jacksonville International Airport. The bottom line is I haven’t heard any fireworks this Independence Day Holiday weekend. If I want to watch fireworks tomorrow, I’ll have to travel to a good viewing location. Since I don’t know, more than in general terms, where the pyrotechnics will be launched that might pose a problem. I’ll do a little more checking tomorrow, but right now I expect to be watching fireworks on the TV and/or internet.


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