A Random Day with Random Happenings.

Saturday July 2nd 2022

I got faked out by the weather forecast again today. The thunderstorms finally arrived around 5PM. They had been forecast since 11AM. The sky showed signs of an impending storm all day with big dark clouds all around. A few breaks in the clouds allowed the temperature to heat to around ninety degrees, before the evening thunderstorms brought it down into the seventies.

Towering clouds that might turn wet at any time dominated the early part of the day.

This was a day filled with random tasks and events. Breakfast dragged into a two hour event while I caught up on some of my Internet reading. During that time I got a notice that Amazon was going to deliver my one remaining package this afternoon. It spent some extra time in Georgia on its way to Jacksonville according to the tracking information. So by 1:45 my “What’s up with Amazon?” thoughts were answered. It amazes me how they can successfully deliver it to my open door, six feet from where I’m sitting in my RV home, without me knowing it until I get the notice from the Amazon App. Sure enough the package was there.

I got one long walk around the RV resort in today. The number of people here for the weekend is surprising. This is the most occupied I’ve seen the park this summer. The swimming pools and sports courts were getting a lot of use. The ducks were trying to sleep in the shade of a tree (until I came along) and the Canadian Geese were roaming between the sites. In other areas of the park people seem to be preparing the outside of their RVs for parties. In many ways there was more activity today than I’ve seen here.

A moment after I disturbed their sleep. “Everybody head for safety in the water!”

The 5PM thunderstorm was more intense than any of the storms in the last few weeks. The sky darkened, the wind blew and the rain pour down hard on the roof of my RV home. The forecast called for rain to continue for several hours, but once again mother nature didn’t agree. The heavy storm was over in about twenty minutes and the light rain that followed was over by 8PM. Plenty of time to get ready for round two tomorrow.

Airplanes continued to pass overhead on there way into the Jacksonville International Airport. I don’t think the canceled flights in the northeast are having a big impact here.

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