Waiting Because of Rain

Friday July 1st 2022

The forecast called for the second half of the day to be rainy and it pretty much lived up to the forecast. Shortly after the noon hour rain arrived. It was intermittent at first, but by 4PM it became more constant. Heavy rain associated with a thunderstorm has not arrived, but a steady rain is falling. The temperature tracked with the forecast as well. The high was in the upper eighties.

Before the rain there was a little blue in the sky.
As the storm moved in it really looked gloomy.

The forecast rain also kept me at home today. I had a delivery from Amazon scheduled and didn’t want the stuff left out in the rain. Earlier this week I placed an order for eight items ranging from a 12V switch for my RV to a pair of shoes. Amazon turned this into three packages. Two were initially scheduled for today and one for tomorrow. As of last night they were all scheduled for today before 10PM. This morning the two packages originally scheduled for today were updated to be delivered between noon and three. They arrived between rain showers in the early afternoon. The third package was still somewhere else in the country. I don’t expect it to arrive before the end of the day.

The geese are well equipped for the rain.
Always watching.

I only got one walk around the RV park in today. The arrival of rain cut my second attempt short. A few people have arrived for the weekend and a few of the long term residents have departed for the weekend. It is still odd to see a site with a car and all of the outside furniture but no RV. This afternoon my cross street neighbors created that condition when they pulled their trailer out for the weekend. There doesn’t seem to be anything holiday specific scheduled at the RV resort this weekend.

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