A Day for the Birds

Thursday June 30th 2022

Last night the weather forecast called for a chance of rain from 20 to 60 percent for every hour of today from 10AM to 8PM. This morning there was less than ten percent chance of rain anytime before 11PM. What happened? The reality was a brief minute or two of rain around 11AM, but nothing else. Many clouds passed the area that looked like they could dump lots of rain, but it remained dry. Rain is now forecast during the overnight. The high temperature was in the upper eighties with lots of humidity and a nice wind to keep it comfortable.

Every cloud brought a chance at rain.

This last day of June in 2022 was for the birds, but in a good way. On my walks around the RV resort I saw a few more birds than I’ve been seeing. The local Canadian Geese had visitors. The local group of six birds was surrounded by another ten to fifteen geese. The duck family was keeping their distance at the other end of the retention pond. There was also a Little Blue heron looking for lunch to go along with the local area Green Heron. On my last walk of the day to the back area of the RV resort, I encountered a vulture to round out my day for the birds.


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