Working Around the Weather

Wednesday June 29th 2022

Today’s weather was transitional at best. The day began sunny and ended cloud covered. In between there was a quick line of storms, some wind and a lot more threatening clouds. None of the weather tracked with the forecast for the day. The rain storm came in the early afternoon which required me to close the windows and turn on the air conditioning once again.

Even when it wasn’t raining, the sky didn’t look very trustworthy.

June is supposed to be the start of the rainy season in this area. So far the amount of rain is behind schedule. There haven’t been as many days with rainstorms as normal and the storms that have occurred didn’t drop a lot of water. I’ve noticed grassy areas that are starting to brown out and the water level in the retention ponds in the RV resort is down considerably. I suspect this problem is localized to this immediate area. Reports from the center of the state are complaining about excessive rain. It is probably only a matter of days before it will all change.

This retention pond is down more than three feet.

Today was a chores day inside my RV home. I got some computer work done and some cleaning caught up. The potential of rain at any minute kept me from making a trip to the laundry at the front of the RV park. The laundry facility is well equipped, but not the cheapest. At least the machines take credit cards. Finding enough change remains a major issue. People and businesses just don’t use cash anymore.


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