Day Trip to St Mary’s GA

Tuesday June 28th 2022

I had turn the air conditioner on early today. It wasn’t because of the heat, but rather the rain. A line of thunderstorms arrived before 11AM this morning. I had to close the vents and windows, which means I need the AC to keep the interior of my RV home comfortable. The storms didn’t last long. The sun was back in full force by 1PM, the behavior change was complete. I was living in AC comfort for the rest of the day.

Cloud cover with the storm front to the south and west over the St. Mary’s River.

Once the sun was back in control of the sky, I forced myself to get out into the weather. Going from the AC comfort to the hot and sticky outside is difficult. That is one of the reasons I try not to turn on the air conditioning until I really need it. Today I drove twenty minutes north to St Mary’s Georgia.

Fishing boat heading out to sea from St. Mary’s Georgia.

I’ve been to the historic old town on the St Mary’s river many times before. It is a very interesting place. The words quaint, peaceful, historic, quiet and picturesque all come to mind with respect to the village along the river. Today it was even more quiet than normal. There wasn’t a lot of boat traffic or people around. It still was enjoyable to walk along the riverfront checking out the scenery.

On my evening walk around the RV resort I discovered new arrivals. It looks like the park may be filling up a little. I wonder if it is the approaching holiday or just a coincidence. The resort hasn’t issued the schedule for the weekend activities, so I don’t know if there is a particular draw at the park. The forth of July activities in the area don’t sound like anything special. I have been trying to find the location for fireworks and if it is worth going. It is always a challenge to figure out locations to see fireworks when you’re in a new area.


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