Syncing up the Grocery Shopping

Monday June 27th 2022

It was another great weather day very similar to Sunday. The temperature peaked in the upper eighties with moderate humidity and a good breeze off the ocean. The thunderstorms that were possible in the forecast stayed well south of here.

This Green Heron is camera shy. It seems to know when I point the camera and flies off. I don’t think the camera had fully stopped moving when I clicked this picture. It is a little fuzzy.

Since last Thursday, I’ve had the urge to go grocery shopping. I was out of orange juice which is one of my key indicators that it is time for a grocery run. However, when I thought about what else I needed the list was very short. Since I’ve been here I’ve gotten out of my usual sequence for shopping. Each day since then I ran out of something else. Yesterday I was ready to go grocery shopping, but traffic had other ideas. Interstate 95 was backed up when I was ready to leave. Consequently today was shopping day.

The Walmart at the next exit off the interstate is a big store. It wasn’t extremely busy when I was there, but may have been earlier in the day. There were quite a few empty shelves. The odd thing is that instead of restocking, there were employees in most of the aisles with ladders rearranging the products on the shelves. The product from deep in the shelf was getting moved to the front to fill in gaps and overflow products from the top shelf were getting moved down. The behavior would tend to imply they didn’t expect new stock soon.

Despite the gaps on the shelves I managed to get everything I needed. I arrived at the checkouts with a full cart and the final bill was about twenty dollars higher than my average total. Clearly I was ready for grocery shopping. Hopefully I’m back on track and things will run out in sync.

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