A Sunday in the Neighborhood

Sunday June 26th 2022

Today was another very nice weather day. The temperature continued a little below normal. It stayed in the high eighties with low humidity and a nice breeze off the Atlantic Ocean. Another similar day is in the forecast for tomorrow. More typical afternoon showers are expected later in the week.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe the atmosphere in this RV park on the weekend. It seems unique among the RV resorts in my experience. I think it works best to equate life in this RV resort to life in a suburban neighborhood. During the week everybody is off to work during the day. There is a little activity in the evening when people return home from work, but most of the activity waits for the weekend. On Saturday people can be seen working on various tasks around their RV sites. Kids are playing outside trying to get their parents attention for a few minutes of fun. Sunday seems to be a day for visitors, BBQs and general relaxation. There are more people around making more noise of an active lifestyle.

I got a few chores accomplished between my daily exercise around the park. A walk around the entire perimeter of the 300 site RV resort is a little over 2 miles. At least one of my daily walks is the entire perimeter. The other walk is often only the front section of the park which is less than half the distance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay in the shade during much of the walk.

The local group of Canadian Geese staying in the shade of a tree.

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