Lazy Saturday

Saturday June 25th 2022

The day began as cloudy and overcast. As the day progressed more blue sky broke through the clouds. The day ended as a mostly sunny day. The temperature peaked in the mid to upper eighties with manageable humidity and plenty of wind off the Atlantic Ocean. It was a comfortable day.

The wind kept the flags at full stretch most of the day. This American Flag is showing signs of wind damage.
Even the Geese were taking it easy today.

It was a lazy day with very little blog content fodder. I got in my usual two walks around the RV resort. The weekend atmosphere is very different than during the week. There are more people around than during the week. The people that work all week are using the weekend for chores and relaxation.

This racoon hangs out around the dumpsters. This is the first time I got a picture. Was it being lazy today too?

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