This must be Friday

Friday June 24th 2022

While yesterday had record high temperatures and low humidity, today was much cooler with very high humidity. The net result was it seemed a lot warmer today when the wind off the ocean wasn’t around to keep the air more refreshing. Thankfully, the wind was prominent most of the day. The actual temperature was only in the high eighties to low nineties.

View of today’s cloud cover over the Nassau River.

All of the days this week blended together. I sort of knew it was Friday, but a few things reminded me during the day. First there seemed to be more turn over in the park today. I saw several RVs depart this morning and a few more arriving this afternoon. It turned out two or three of the RVs I saw departing were long term residents leaving for a short trip. During one of my walks around the park I found their sites still filled with lawn furniture, outdoor rugs and other paraphernalia. Clearly they would be returning. Most of the new arrivals were parked at the front of the park in the short term sites.

Always watching.

While I was out of the park this afternoon I saw many more RVs on the road. I’m going to attribute this to Friday as well, but it may be related to the start of the summer vacation season for people in the northern states. Interstate 95, which I can see from my RV home, is the major north south route along the east coast. The school year in the northeast ended this week. I can remember being off on a camping trip with my parents the day school got out.

One last indicator of Friday is entertainment. The RV resort hosts some sort of event every Friday night. In the past it has been a movie night. Tonight it is Karaoke under the stars. It doesn’t fit my idea of fun, but at least the park tries to come up with things to keep people engaged. The weather even seems to be cooperating.


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