Watching the Action at the RV Park

Thursday June 16th 2022

There was more sun than clouds today, but the high temperature managed to stay at the seasonal normal temperature of 91 degrees Fahrenheit. This was largely possible because of a strong wind off the ocean to the east. Tomorrow another Heat Advisory day is expected with a heat index above 105.

Blossoms of the day.

I spent my day doing a few chores around my RV home and generally relaxing. I got in a fair amount of reading and too much internet surfing. At fairly regular intervals I was interrupted by deliveries to my neighbors. They got two sets of deliveries from Amazon and one each from UPS and Fed X. Other day’s they have gotten a few deliveries, but today was a bumper crop of delivery trucks.

In addition to the ordinary delivery services, I have also seen a couple of food delivery services in the park. One is the traditional service with the fancy refrigerated truck that looks similar to an old milk truck and the other is a more informal looking service that delivers from Walmart. An ordinary car pulls up and starts unloading regular Walmart plastic shopping bags. As with all deliveries the stuff gets left on the cement pad in front of the RV door. I think some of the drivers knock on the door, but most seem to drop the stuff and run.

Delivery services seem to be very important for many of the residents of the park. They are gone for long hours during the day. I suspect that many have to travel a good distance to their work locations. I hear people leaving as early as 6AM and many don’t seem to be back before 7 or 8 in the evening. There are people here that work construction, some are in the military, a few appear to be traveling medical workers based on the scrubs they wear and my guess is just about any profession may be represented. This park is heavily populated with people in temporary living situations.

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