A Beautiful Day for Relaxing

Friday June 17th 2022

It was another day without thunderstorms. The temperature was in the mid nineties, but a breeze out of the northeast kept conditions more or less comfortable. The humidity wasn’t extreme. The current forecast calls for the temperature and humidity to rise tomorrow producing instability in the atmosphere and probably thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Today was another day with lots of little chores, a few walks around the park and lots of relaxing. On today’s walk the geese were missing, but the duck family was still cruising around in the retention pond. Below the surface in the retention pond there were a number of big fish nosing around in the bottom mud with their tail fins breaking the surface. It was very strange to see several two foot long fish of an unknown variety churning the water along the bank. I tried to get pictures, but they turned out uninspired.

There is very little evidence of the arrival of the weekend in the park. A couple of RVs arrived to fill some of the sites near the front of the park, but they only made a small blip in the empty sites in that area. The back of the park with all of the longer term residents remains full. I’m in an area between the two areas that has a few empty sites.

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