A Short Trip to the River

Wednesday June 16th 2022

The Weather Service didn’t issue a heat warning for today, but somehow I thought it was warmer than yesterday. The actual high temperature at the airport was 94 degrees Fahrenheit. The feels like temperature was in the low 100s. One difference today was the wind. For the first two thirds of the daylight hours there was very little breeze. Late in the day a comforting breeze developed.

The TV weather talkers have indicated that the current high temperatures and humidity have arrived early this year. Next week is forecast to be even higher. The current pattern is not normal. I’m not really bothered by the high temperature, but it limits some of the things I might consider doing. Multiple short walks during the day have replaced longer hikes. Anything more strenuous than a short walk outdoors is reserved for early in the day or after dark. So far I have not run the AC overnight. I put it on at dusk or earlier if rain forces me to close the windows and vents. Once it brings the temperature down to the point that it is cycling, I turn it off so it doesn’t wake me up during the night.

After two unsuccessful attempts in the last few days, I finally made it down to the boat launch and park on the Trout River. Instead of trying to take a less traveled path, I took the interstate highway the eight miles south. Sometimes it is just easier to go through the construction zone rather than around it. The tide was close to high resulting in high water levels. There were a few people launching boats, but most people were just sitting in their air conditioned cars watching the world go by. I walked around the area for a few minutes and took a few pictures of the birds. Then I became one of the people sitting in the air conditioned car watching the world go by.

Back at the RV resort later in the day I got some more exercise with another walk around the park. There have been a few departures and a few new arrivals. Overall the level occupancy seems to be pretty constant. I’ve come to the conclusion that occupancy is about the same as last year at this time, but more people are staying in the back area this year. Who knows for sure, but it is fun to speculate.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

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