A Hot and Slow Day

Tuesday June 14th 2022

There was a heat warning in place for this area today. The feels like temperature was forecast to be 109 degrees Fahrenheit. I doubt it got that high. The actual temperature seemed to only reach 93 degrees. This area even dodged the severe thunderstorms that started a little north of here and passed by to the west as they moved on a southwest path. This weather pattern has forecast high temperatures above normal for the next couple of weeks.

My neighbor has several flowering plants growing in pots on their site.

I didn’t get a lot accomplished today. While I was out driving around I attempted to avoid traffic and road construction. I ended up on unfamiliar roads heading into downtown Jacksonville. After a U-turn and some stop and go traffic I was back in familiar territory, but never got to the park and boat launch on the river I was planning on visiting.

The six little ones are almost as big as mom.

While I was out I noticed that gas prices had gone up another fifteen to twenty cents since Saturday. Prices in this area are now between $4.75 and $4.90 for regular unleaded gas. That is a lot better than many areas of Florida and the rest of the country. The fact that Georgia is less than twenty miles away on Interstate 95 may be helping to keep the price down in this area. Georgia has suspended its gas tax for a period of time that ends today, so prices may jump again tomorrow.

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