A Few Chores and A Lot of Sweat

Monday June 13th 2022

This morning’s TV weather forecast suggested it was going to be less humid today. I think they were over optimistic. It was a mostly cloudy day with very heavy air. A couple of times during the day it released some of that weight as a brief downpour followed by a little bit of sunshine before the pattern repeated. The high temperature was in the upper eighties under cloud cover, but reached the low nineties during the brief periods of sunshine.

I woke up to the sound of lawn mowers. I knew Monday’s were landscape day. This resort publishes the mowing schedule and requests that guests clear the grass areas of their sites to facilitate easy access. They have a crew from a landscape service do the job. When I heard the mowers this morning I assumed they were coming toward my site, but I was wrong. They passed by a couple of roads over from my road. They didn’t get to my site until after lunch. I was in the last section they mowed, trimmed and blew.

Today was a day to get a few chores accomplished. The inside ones were simple to accomplish. Outside was a little more complicated. I needed to dump my holding tanks. The sewer connection on this site is in a depression in the concrete. My right angle sewer hose connection that screws into the plastic pipe in the ground won’t fit, so I can not leave the hose connected. When I need to dump I connect the hose to the RV and wedge the other end into the ground end so it won’t pop out. After I empty my tanks I put the hose back in the RV and cap the pipe in the concrete. Normally, during a stay I connect the hose once and dump the tanks every few days. Here I’m dumping less frequently, because I have to connect the hose each time. The outdoor task was very sweat inducing. My shirt was drenched and everything was dripping in sweat my the time I finished the procedure.

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