More Rain Dodging

Sunday June 12th 2022

The rain came early today. Today’s forecast called for rain around 3PM, but they forgot to tell Mother Nature. I had to shut the windows, close the vents and turn on the AC before the lunch hour. A short period of heavy rain popped up and turned a bright day into a dark and gloomy one like the throwing of a switch. A pattern of off an on showers followed for the rest of the daylight hours. It was an overall humid day with a high temperature in the low eighties.

The showers got in the way of the things I tried to do today. The first shower arrived as I was preparing to drive down to the river. I never got back to that outing. Trying to get in my exercise walking around the park between storms was also problematic. My first two attempts were cut short by the new storms sneaking up on me. I got a little wet the first time and trying to avoid a similar occurrence on the second walk I cut the excursion much shorter than I needed. The third walk at dusk was shorter, but a success.

On my walks today I started speculating on how long various RVs have been here. The park doesn’t allow the extreme clutter that often indicates long term occupancy. There are a number of sites with small storage boxes and big potted plants, but storage sheds and fancy patio furniture are not allowed. There are a couple of RVs that I remember from last fall and one that I’m sure was here at this time last year. They are memorable for reasons other than the look of the site. The one I’m sure has been here more than a year is a very small motorhome with Oregon plates and a Georgia car, for example.

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