A Two Storm Kind of Day

Saturday June 11th 2022

Today was a two storm front kind of day. It began as a mostly cloudy day with a few short breaks of sun. In the early afternoon the first line of thunderstorms moved through the area. It was even more humid after the storms. The second line of storms arrived as the sun set. The light show from all the lightening was spectacular. A light rain continued after the storm.

I got in a little area touring before the storms arrived. I was watching boaters launch their boats into the river system leading out toward Amelia Island, when I spotted the dark clouds to the southwest. The area to the north and east still looked like fine weather. I was surprised to see the people launching boats to continue without any apparent concern. In hind sight they probably had about an hour, but I wouldn’t have taken the chance. As it was I returned to my RV home to ride out the storm.

I spent most of the day inside my RV home with the AC keeping things comfortable. Before and between the storms I got in a couple of walks around the RV resort. Without a lot of direct sunlight the ducks and geese were active in and around the retention pond. The park residents were also active. Since many of the people staying here work in the community, the weekend is the time to get things around their RVs accomplished. There were many sounds of maintenance and outdoor work tasks. My neighbor on one side was using the time to remove tar from the front of the motorhome and the neighbor on the other side was engaged in some gardening. He transplanted a number of seedlings into bigger pots.

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