Friday in the Park with Geese

Friday June 10th 2022

The thunderstorms missed this area today. The line of storms passed from west to east south of Jacksonville. With that exception the overall daily weather pattern was the same as the last few days. It was sunny and still in the morning. The afternoon was filled with billowy clouds and a nice breeze. The temperature peaked just above the ninety degree mark.

The Canadian Geese were wandering around he campground this evening.

I took my first walk of the day just before noon. As usual I had my camera with me to capture anything interesting. All I found was some a few nice colorful blossoms to photograph. During the heat of the day the animal life seems to be in hiding. They are probably back in the cooler wooded area surrounding the park. My second walk of the day was in the evening. Animals and people were out in the slightly cooler evening.

The park doesn’t seem to be filling up for the weekend. Jacksonville is celebrating its Bicentennial this weekend. They are having lots of events downtown tomorrow. I expected the park to fill up with people arriving for the fun. I didn’t see more than two or three RVs arrive this afternoon and evening. If anything the park may have emptied out some for the weekend.

During my stay here last November the park was full or close to full every night. People escaping the cold north joined the people using the park for temporary living to occupy most of the sites. I think during my stay last June at this time the park was also busier, but not full. I went back and read my blog entries from that June 2021 period to refresh my memory a little. While I noted that the park had openings I didn’t obsess over the issue. The current level of occupancy is probably normal and the high nightly rent probably discourages weekenders.

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