Geese in the Rain

Thursday June 9th 2022

The weather pattern seems to be pretty much established. The day begins with only a few wispy clouds, if any, with no wind. The sun rapidly heats the air toward the daily high. As the day progresses the clouds thicken and occasionally block the sun for a refreshing few minutes. At some point during the afternoon into the evening a line of rain storms pass through the area. Today the storms arrived at 4PM and were gone by 6PM. Yesterday the storms were much later around 9PM. The storms cooled the air temperature, but increased the overall humidity. Today’s high temperature was in the low nineties.

Either the Florida Air National Guard didn’t have any missions this morning, or I’m acclimated to the noise of the jets taking off overhead. I didn’t wake up to the sounds of F-15 afterburners this morning. It was close to 9AM when I got my day started.

First up on today’s agenda after breakfast was a grocery run. Walmart is located one exit south on Interstate 95. It is in a very big shopping area with all varieties of stores. Navigating the parking lot is an exercise in patience. There are many stop signs with a lot of cross traffic between clusters of shops. The store wasn’t busy today, I was able to wander up and down the aisles without having to dodge too many other carts and shoppers. It’s a good thing, because the layout was a little odd. I’ve never seen a Walmart with the bread aisle in the middle of the grocery section like this. Other aisles seemed to be in odd places as well.

I managed to get in one walk around the front area of the RV resort before the thunderstorms arrived. The weather was threatening enough that I didn’t venture into the back area of the park. I wanted to be near shelter when the storms started. My second walk was later in the evening after the storm line moved through. The weekly food truck visit was going on at the front of the park. It had a few customers lined up, but I had already eaten by that time. Having regular food truck visits is one of the latest things for campgrounds that call themselves “resorts”.

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