Tree Replacement

Wednesday June 8th 2022

The day began with bright sunshine and very little wind. As a result the temperature climbed quickly to the upper eighties. The humidity was a little higher than Tuesday. As the day progressed the clouds moved inland from the ocean along with a developing breeze. The result was a more comfortable afternoon despite the temperature being a few degrees warmer.

There is a landscaping crew in the park replacing trees. About thirty palms that were planted awhile back didn’t survive the transplant. I noticed dead palms when I stayed here last June, so this has been an issue for more than a year. A landscape crew with a noisy skid steer has been taking out the old trees and planting new palms. It is amazing how small a root ball the trees have. The new trees are getting heavily watered in so hopefully they will survive.

Despite the temperature I got in two walks today. The first was shortly after the lunch hour. There aren’t many people out and about. There are many people using the park for temporary living, so they are at work during the day. Others are inside their RVs with the air conditioning cranked. During my second walk after the dinner hour there were many more people out including lots of kids. The large fifth wheel trailer beside my RV home has a family of five. During the day the mother and three very young kids were inside. This evening the kids were out playing for about an hour with the mother watching closely. I can’t imagine what it is like in their trailer all day.

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