Settling in at Pecan Park

Tuesday June 7th 2022

I was reminded of the proximity of this RV park to the Jacksonville Airport a little after 7AM this morning. Several F15s of the Florida Air National Guard flew took off over my head with full afterburner speed and the accompanying noise. I knew this fact about the park from previous stays. It will soon fade into an accepted noise, but this morning it was a rude reminder.

Today was a very humid day with a high temperature a little below ninety. It was a partly cloudy day with many clouds passing overhead. When the sun was blocked by clouds it was comfortable. In the afternoon a breeze developed that helped as well. Even with the high humidity it didn’t rain today.

This morning I finished up the setup tasks that I didn’t complete yesterday. Since this is a longer stay I got the tire covers out to block the UV light from getting to the tires. They are a real chore to get properly fastened. It requires lying on the ground and reaching behind the tires. Getting them off at the end of my stay is only a little bit easier.

Next up on today’s agenda was a walk around the RV park to see what has changed since last November. This park is spread out over a very large area. Walking around the complete perimeter is close to two miles. The sports courts that were under construction in the fall seem to be finished. I say “seem”, because they didn’t look like they have seen much use. I’ll be watching to see if anyone is using them.

The front area of the park that is used for short term stays has many empty sites. I think there are more sites available then when I was here last year at this time. The back area of the park that has more longer term residents only has a few empty sites. I’m in an area in the middle of the park with that isn’t as easy to categorize the residents. It only has a few empty sites.

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