Travel Day to the North Side of Jacksonville

Monday June 6th 2022

It was a very humid day with a high temperature in the upper half of the eighties. The first half of the day was sunny, and the second half was filled with showers. I was dripping in sweat packing up this morning.

I departed the campground just before the 11AM checkout. I hadn’t even cleared the first line of campsites before the campground crew was at the site preparing it for the next arrival. They must have been stacked out waiting for me to leave. They shouldn’t have found much to do. I leave the sites clean and in good condition.

My first stop on the sixty mile drive was at one of the gas stations I scouted Sunday. The access was as good as I expected, but the price per gallon had gone up ten cents overnight. I put in one credit card authorization of $175. When I arrived in the area of my destination I found gas fifteen cents per gallon cheaper. I would have been very uncomfortable trying to travel that far on a rapidly emptying tank.

I took a very indirect route today. Check in time at my destination was 2pm, so I had plenty of time. I completely avoided the interstate highway and probably added fifteen miles to the google indicated sixty mile distance. Along the way I encountered two rain showers complete with very black clouds and brief downpours. I arrived at my destination around 12:45 and was able to check in early. They were in the process of assembling my checkin package as I entered the office.

Site 229 at Pecan Park RV Resort.

There were only a few sprinkles while I got setup. The first round of storms was west of this area. Around 5:30 the second round of storms hit hard. A thunderstorm with heavy rain sat over the area for about forty five minutes. This evening the rain is gone, but the humidity remains.

I am back at Pecan Park RV Resort. This is the same location that I spent the month of November last year. I have booked and paid for seven weeks at the monthly rate. I will be ahead of the weekly rate after about three weeks, so I’d be comfortable moving on if the opportunity comes up. The nightly rate at this park is close to twice the nightly breakdown at the monthly rate. They really want longer staying guests.

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