Last Day in Starke

Sunday June 5th 2022

The weather turned out to be better than the forecast called for. There were more clouds in the sky than the previous few days, but the line of thunderstorms passed through the area without dropping any rain here. There was rain to the north and south of here. The temperature peaked in the high eighties.

Today was my last full day in Starke Florida. Tomorrow I’m moving to the north side of Jacksonville. In preparation, I scouted out my departure route today. I was particularly interested in finding a suitable gas station. Finding a station with good access is my primary concern. All of the stations have higher prices than the last time I put gas in the motorhome’s tank. The five to ten cents difference in price between stations is only a minor consideration when looking for a “good” station. I found a couple of good possibilities.

The thunderstorms passed to the north and south. It remained dry here.

Most of the weekenders departed the campground by the 11AM checkout this morning, but in some ways the park was more alive today than yesterday. This park has a number of workers that stay here during the week, but leave for “home” on Friday. They return on Sunday afternoons. There are also people that leave their rigs here during the week and only use them on the weekends. They don’t have to checkout by 11AM, so the weekend continues for them until Sunday evening. The pool was very busy this afternoon after the line of clouds associated with the thunderstorms in the area moved through.

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