A Dry Saturday in this Part of Florida

Saturday June 4th 2022

It didn’t rain in this area of Florida today. It was a mostly sunny day with a nice breeze that kept the low nineties temperature comfortable. Most of the rain was in the southern part of the state. The tropical system that dropped more than a foot of rain on the Miami area didn’t get this far north. The Orlando area was about the northern extent of the rain and that wasn’t anywhere near the volume impacting the southern part of the state. A different weather system is forecast to bring more thunderstorms to this area tomorrow and Monday.

Fluffy clouds got thicker late in the day.

Today was another day of chores and relaxation. I got in a couple of walks around the campground and neighboring shopping center. The campground is not as full this weekend as it was the last two. However, there are more people here than I thought last night. The area of the park filled first was different this weekend than either of the last two. Today’s organized activities included rock panting for kids. I saw about three kids in the right area at the appointed time, but I don’t know if the activity happened or not. The park staff seems to have planned activities each weekend day.

A tree in bloom.

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