Only You Can Prevent Speed Bumps

Friday June 3rd 2022

A little more humidity and a little higher temperature made today uncomfortable. The actual temperature was in the low nineties and the humidity made it seem warmer. Clouds moved in late in the day threatening thunderstorms, but so far none have materialized. The first tropical system of the 2022 hurricane season is heading for South Florida tonight into tomorrow. It should pass across the peninsular without impacting this area in the northeast of the state.

This afternoon while walking in the campground I was almost run over by a fast moving golf cart. Fast moving traffic has always been a problem in campgrounds and the recent popularity of golf carts has only added to the problem. This park has signs indicating a speed limit of 7.5mph and other signs reminding everyone to slow down. One sign in particular says “Only You Can Prevent Speed Bumps.”

For the most part people travel at reasonable speeds in the campground. My guess is people travel at ten to fifteen miles per hour. Trying to stay at 5mph, 7.5mph or even 10mph is very difficult. Most analog gauges in cars don’t even register below 5mph. Golf carts don’t have speedometers and are often driven by people without sufficient driving experience to accurately judge speed. At least at this park, proof of golf cart insurance is required to operate the cart in the park. This seems to keep them from being driven by kids.

Threatening clouds in the blue sky.

I don’t really understand the need to bring a golf cart on every outing. If you are going to be staying at a huge park for an extended period of time it may be helpful. For short stays and at small parks, I think it is more of a nuisance. With the exception of people with physical limitations, What is wrong with taking your time and walking?

It is hard to believe this is the start of another weekend. The campground didn’t fully empty from the holiday weekend until Tuesday. It isn’t filling up much for this weekend. While I didn’t expect occupancy to come close to the holiday weekend, it seems to be much less than the pre holiday weekend at the end of my first week here. Maybe more people will come in tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Only You Can Prevent Speed Bumps

  1. I have heard posting odd numbers on speed limit signs results in more people noticing the signs. Does that lead to people driving slower? Who knows? Our neighborhood has many golf carts. We don’t have one as we choose to walk or ride our bikes. However, the neighborhood is growing, and some don’t live as close to the amenities – as we do. We do not have any plans to get a golf cart and will continue to walk as much as possible. We believe walking is key to good health.


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