An Ordinary Day

Thursday June 2nd 2022

Today’s weather was a repeat of Wednesday’s. The temperature peaked a little above the ninety degree mark under a sunny sky with a little wind.

A tree in bloom.

The morning got started much better today. There was no noisy lawn mower wandering around the campground to coax me out of bed earlier than I wanted. Better yet I didn’t see any of the electricians randomly throwing breakers to see what happens. They must have finished their survey for the future work. The power did go out around 1AM for a few seconds. I don’t think it was related to any of the electrical work, but it sent the park cable TV system into a reboot and my microwave clock into blinking mode. On a positive note, it got me to turn off the TV and go to sleep.

This was an ordinary day. I did my daily chores and a couple of extra cleaning tasks. My daily walk extended out of the campground into the neighboring strip mall. I wandered through the Tractor Supply store to extend my daily exercise a bit. This Tractor Supply seems to be selling riding lawn mowers well. The front side walk had several more when I first arrived in this area a couple of weeks ago. At an average of four thousand dollars a unit the turnover is surprising. Obviously I don’t have any need for a lawn mower, but I seem to be paying a lot of attention on them between the ones in the campground and at the store.

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