A Quick Day with Little Action

Wednesday June 1st 2022

Today had more sunshine and wind with a little less humidity. It was a very nice day with a high temperature in the upper eighties. The temperature and humidity are forecast to climb the next few days. There is also the possibility of a tropical storm at the end of the week.

Blossom of the day.

My morning calm was disrupted by lawn mowing again. The guy on the zero turn mower really seems to enjoy his task. He moves very quickly on the very loud mower. The driver has ear protection, but the rest of use have to suffer. When I was watching the guy mowing the lawn I spotted even more possible disruption. The same electricians that were roaming the grounds yesterday were back again today. I spent all morning into the early afternoon expecting the power to go off at any minute. When the departed around 2PM I relaxed a little. I wish the campground communicated better about what is going on.

Today was a day filled with chores around my RV home and a little bit of travel research. When I get into exploring travel possibilities, time flies. One internet search leads to another and before I know it two or three hours have gone by. Today I came up with ideas, but no commitment. Some of the ideas were short term and some were as far out as next summer. I need to put some stakes in the ground so I have targets to look forward to visiting.

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