Another Do Nothing Kind of Day

Friday May 20th 2022

Today was a more humid version of Thursday. The humidity was at the summer level that feels like you need to cut the air with a knife to walk through it. The mid nineties high temperature was more uncomfortable than yesterday. Thunderstorms have passed through the area this evening, but so far they have missed this specific area. Tomorrow has more rain in the forecast.

Sign post at the front of the campground. The distances even track with Google Maps estimates.

Looking back at my day, I didn’t really do anything. During breakfast I got in to a rabbit chase for information on the internet. I don’t even really know what I started looking for, but during the searches I looked at options for places to stay this summer, this fall and next spring. It wasn’t all travel planning, because I also did searches for smart watches, new TVs and bicycle trails. Overall I spent more than three hours chasing the information rabbit. I came up for air around 1:30PM without any definitive results.

Next on the day’s agenda was a walk around the campground. The weekend residents started to arrive early. It is not a surprise to find the park has more occupied sites tonight than it has all week. Even the RVs that have appeared abandon all week have people in residence tonight.

This campground has very nicely manicured lawns and grounds, but it doesn’t have many flowering plants or things of color. I am not finding a lot of things to take pictures. There are only so many squirrels to photograph.

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