A Humid Grocery Run

Saturday May 21st 2022

Thunderstorms started threatening Friday afternoon, but never really materialized all day or during the overnight. There were a few close calls, but this area only got a few random rain drops. This morning the wait for the thunderstorms resumed. It was an overcast and very humid day. Around 5PM the long awaited thunderstorm finally arrived with lots of rain, wind, thunder and lightening. It was a short storm that transitioned into many random rain showers.

My big accomplishment today was getting out of the campground. It wasn’t a long or eventful excursion, but it was better than I’ve done for the last few days. The purpose of the outing was to replenish my fresh food supply. On the way I filled the gas tank for a few cents a gallon less than a week ago.

Blossom of the day.

Walmart was moderately busy on a Saturday afternoon. As usual the grocery side of the store had more shoppers than the general merchandise side. I managed to get all of the stuff I wanted. The shelves in this Walmart seemed to be well stocked compared to some of the ones I’ve been in lately. I don’t think it is shortages as much as it is not having the staff to keep the shelves stocked. This Walmart seemed to have plenty of staff even at the checkouts. I used an “assisted” checkout rather than self service. For my troubles I got behind a customer that must have been stocking their own store of some sort. They had cases of various products that the cashier had to ring up as individual products. There is always something different or curious at Walmart.

Walking around the campground late this afternoon I noted more people had arrived today. I imagine most of them will be departing in the morning. Next door to me is a trailer that arrived Friday afternoon. I’m curious when the occupants will arrive. A couple of guys in two pickup trucks brought the trailer and outdoor furniture. They set it up then departed. My guess is the equipment is a rental for people that will arrive later.

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