A Very Ordinary Day

Thursday May 19th 2022

Today was a little hazier than Wednesday. It was a little more humid, but the overall temperature remained in the mid nineties. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little cooler with a much higher chance of afternoon thunderstorms.

I woke up this morning to the sound of lawn mowers. I’ve been lucky for the last few weeks. The last time I got annoyed by the sounds of lawn mowers was in early March. This is not a new experience at this campground. Probably because they start on or before the end of the overnight quiet hours at 8AM, the mowing at this park really gets to me. There is one guy on a zero turn mower and another guy with a string trimmer. As soon as the day starts to warm up they quit for the day. I expect to hear them again tomorrow morning, but they shouldn’t be right outside my window again.

This was a day for catching up on chores around my RV home. Between tasks I got in a little reading, TV watching and a couple of walks around the campground. Overall it was a busy day, but not much to write about in this blog entry.

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