Settling in for a Two Week Activity Slowdown

Wednesday May 18th 2022

The temperature was in the mid nineties under almost full sun today. There was no wind to keep things cool, but the humidity was fairly low. The majority of the afternoon rain was well to the south of here. It wasn’t the oppressive, but outside activity was best done in small doses.

Not a particularly good specimen, but a photogenic palm tree.

I got the remainder of my setup tasks completed this morning. This is a familiar campground. I was last here in May of last year. It is a nice campground near the center of Starke Florida. There are stores and restaurants near by. The down side is there isn’t a lot of recreational activities in the immediate area. Most of the places in my interest areas are twenty miles or more away. All of that’s OK, because I’m here to relax and decompress after more than a month of activity in central Florida. Theme parks filled with people are fun, but I need alone time too.

The campground isn’t particularly busy this time of year. As a guess I’d say half of the sites are empty. The ones that are occupied have longer term residents, people working in the area, or units that only get used on weekends. I was the only one that checked in yesterday according to the woman in the office. Today I saw a handful of new arrivals. The location of the campground is good for travelers cutting diagonally across the state from the Jacksonville area to Interstate 75 north of Tampa. My guess is it will be busier on the weekend.

There are plenty of these little “guys” around.

Most of the schools in Florida end their year at the end of May. That starts the travel and vacation season around here. As the northern states end their school years in June tourism picks up. The campgrounds aren’t as full in the summer as they are in the winter, but they are usually busier than they are right now.

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