Travel North to Starke FL

Tuesday May 17th 2022

Today was a travel day. I was up working on breakfast before 8AM. On travel days breakfast is usually interspersed around packing tasks. Checkout time was 11AM, so I didn’t have to rush.

The only deviation from the norm this morning was I decided to back out of my pull through site. I was parked under a tree with low hanging branches. They were so low that they banged into my radio antenna and brushed the roof when the wind blew. By backing out I avoided having the branches scrape along the entire roof of my RV home. Coincidentally, there was a tree service in the campground working on tree branches. I imagine they got to my site shortly after I left. Because I backed out of the site, I needed to use the campground road to hook up my towed vehicle. There was no traffic to block and everything went well.

I pulled out of the campground about ten minutes before checkout time. My trip was north along the spine of the Florida peninsular about 150 miles to Starke Florida. Most of the trip is on US27. The last fifty miles is on US301. The US27 section is up and down hills in moderate to significantly developed areas. That equates to lots of traffic lights and lots of traffic. After passing almost through the center of Ocala, I follow US301 the rest of the way. It is much less developed and the speed limit between towns is 65. In towns it drops to at least 45. The route from Ocala north to Interstate 10 is also known for speed traps. It was notorious a few yeas ago for catching northerners, but they’ve cleaned up the behavior a lot in the last few years.

Site 52 at the Starke Gainesville NE KOA.

I arrived at the Starke Gainesville NE KOA about 2:15PM. I’ll be here through the Memorial Day Holiday. The bright sun I traveled in rapidly clouded over as I started to setup camp. A brief cloud burst of rain greeted me. It cleared as quickly as it started. The high temperature for the day was in the mid 90s.

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