An Afternoon Visit to Disney Springs

Monday May 16th 2022

The chance of rain was lower in today’s forecast. It was down to a twenty percent chance or rain for the day and it looks like I made it through the day in the dry area. The temperature continued its climb from last weeks mid eighties to the low nineties today. It was an overall great weather day.

Looking across the lake at Disney Springs. The balloon was grounded today.

After a leisurely breakfast that stretched into the noon hour, I headed to Disney Springs for a visit. The shopping and entertainment area was still fairly empty in the early afternoon. Early in the week Disney Springs gets less traffic. Vacationers to the Disney resort spend there time at the theme parks early in the week. Once they’ve got their initial fill of rides and shows, some groups take some time to visit the shopping area. The evening into the night is also a big visitation time because of the entertainment venues.

It was nice walking around Disney Springs without the crowds. It was possible to wander into shops and actually see the merchandise instead of the back of peoples heads. There was also space on the benches along the water to sit and watch the goings on. On my last visit, about a month ago, it was as busy as one of the theme parks.

Amphicar returning to land.

The wind was calm enough to allow the amphicars to take passengers around the lake, but it was too strong to allow the balloon ride to operate. How they can make money on the balloon ride is a mystery. It doesn’t operate in the wind or rain which are common in the area. I have seen the balloon in the air from a distance, but I don’t recall ever being at Disney Springs when it was operating.

This evening I got most of my outside travel preparation tasks complete. Tomorrow I’m moving about 150 miles to the north. I’ll be in my new location until after the Memorial Day holiday at the end of the month.

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