The Animals Came to Visit

Sunday May 8th 2022

It was another warmer than normal day. The bright sunshine and gentle breeze allowed the temperature to climb into the low 90s, but the humidity was very low for central Florida. Overall it was a comfortable day.

Duck Family

Today was a bit of a panic planning day. I’ve been putting off booking my next reservation. I need to get some maintenance done on my RV home and wanted to get it scheduled before figuring out my next stop. With all my theme park visits, I haven’t found a place to get the service. It is really a matter of dedicating some time to the search. Unfortunately, I need to move on this Tuesday. This morning I could only find three nights until Friday at any of the places I wanted to go. The only places available for next weekend were either a long way away or right here in this area. My decision was to move back to the KOA in Davenport that I departed two weeks ago. I’ll stay there for a week while I work on more details. I also realized I have a holiday weekend coming up that needs to be booked. My focus has been on next years reservations instead of the more immediate ones.

The campground emptied out of the weekenders today. Most were gone by the 11am checkout time, but some paid for the extra day and stayed until the late afternoon. As the people departed the animal residents started to come out of hiding. This noon a Great Blue Heron was wandering around the retention pond looking for food. Later in the afternoon I spotted the most recent duck family wandering across the grass toward the water. This evening three deer decided to wander through the campground. They were very used to the people. The deer wandered into campsites with people sitting at tables and allowed me to get within twenty feet with my camera. Most of the area on three sides of this resort are heavily developed. I’m not sure where the deer actually live.

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