A Day of Recovery and Relaxation

Saturday May 7th 2022

All of yesterday’s activity in Disney World kept me up into the early morning hours. It took awhile to transition from go mode to sleep mode. Just before I turned off the TV, tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for an area north of Orlando. The line of storms was due in this area around 4AM. I shut all the windows and turned on the AC to maintain a comfortable overnight temperature. The AC noise delayed the arrival of sleep even more, but once I was out the arrival of the storm barely registered. The sun was shining when I dragged my body out of bed after nine this morning. The high temperature was in the upper eighties with a strong breeze.

This guy was in the stream that runs through the resort. Even with the over night rain, water level is very low.

This was a rest and recovery day after two days of theme park visits. Most of my day was spent watching TV, and chasing information on the internet. While walking around the resort this afternoon I was surprised at the changes from Friday morning. The park had really filled up for the weekend while I wasn’t around to watch the gradual arrival of the weekenders. It’s a curious place since there aren’t a lot of people around, but many of the sites are full. I would guess that many of the people are here to visit the theme parks and get an early start. Their campsite is just a place to stay in the area.

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