Return Visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Monday May 9th 2022

I set the “On Time” for my TV to 7AM as a wake up alarm. It worked flawlessly, but I wasn’t ready to begin my day at 7AM. My plan to get an early start at Disney’s Animal Kingdom was blown when I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Tree of Life

My day at the Animal Kingdom began shortly after 9AM. The parking lot was very full when I parked. With the parking lot trams still on a Pandemic break it was a long walk to the entrance. The lines getting through security and the ticket gates were also very long. It was a busy day at the Animal Kingdom.

If I had arrived an hour or more earlier I’d have started my visit with a ride on the Kilimanjaro Safari. This morning the wait was already 75 minutes. I wandered around the park checking out all of the other animal exhibits and wait times for the other rides and shows. By the time I completed most of my first pass around the park, the wait time was down to 60 minutes. I bit the bullet and got in line. About 70 minutes later I was boarding the safari vehicle.

The length of the line wasn’t that much longer than on my previous visits this spring, but the capacity was down. The animals were hanging out on the roads delaying the safari vehicles. There is nothing like waiting five minutes for a giraffe to get out of the way to slow down the safari ride. Our guide this morning commented on the number of animals that had blocked her way on earlier safaris.

The good news is a lot of animals were out on the savanna. Watusi cattle, zebras and giraffes were all near the ride vehicles. In other areas antelope, and rhinos were also meandering near the road. Elephants, lions, ostriches and cheetahs were also visible along the safari route. It was probably the best of the three safaris rides I have taken this spring, but I have been on better ones in previous years.

After the safari I completed my tour of the park without waiting in any more lines. The wait times continued to be very long. I got home by mid afternoon with plenty of time to start my travel preparation tasks. Tomorrow is a moving day. I’m only going a short distance. I’ll still be in the theme park areas, so a return to some of them is possible.

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