Last Visit to the Magic Kingdom this Spring

Friday May 6th 2022

Today’s weather was a little cooler than Thursday. A much stronger breeze kept the overall feel in a more comfortable range. The high temperature was in the low nineties.

I spent the late afternoon and evening visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom again. I couldn’t get a park reservation for Magic Kingdom, but I could get another reservation for EPCOT. To visit Magic Kingdom I had to visit EPCOT first and park hop to Magic Kingdom. The afternoon began by parking at the big Ticket and Transportation Center parking lot in Walt Disney World. Instead of going directly to the Magic Kingdom, I took the Monorail to EPCOT. I passed through the ticket checkpoint and wandered around in EPCOT. A little over an hour later I took another Monorail trip back to the Ticket and Transport Center and a third Monorail trip of the day to the Magic Kingdom. It was about 4:30PM when I arrived at town square in the Magic Kingdom.

My goal for the evening was to ride some of the attractions I hadn’t been on this spring and watch the evening fireworks show. I achieved that goal and saw a lot of characters too. Two different Cavalcades of characters passed my route of wander through the park and Winnie the Poo and his friends were up on the Main Street USA Train Station.

For attractions, I road Pirates of the Caribbean, Small World, Peter Pans Flight, Buzz Light Year, and People Mover. I also sat through the nostalgia of the Carousel of Progress. The only attraction on my wish list that I missed was Jungle Cruise. The wait was still over and hour when I left the park after 10PM.

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