Another EPCOT Visit

Thursday May 5th 2022

Today’s weather was the natural progression from Wednesday. The hot and sunny weather continued with a little more humidity and a few degrees of temperature. The temperature peaked in the low to mid nineties with no evening thunderstorms.

My plan for the day was to visit EPCOT during the second half of the day. Things went pretty close to plan. The only variation was the duration of my stay at EPCOT. I didn’t make it to the closing fireworks show at 9PM. About 8PM, I headed back to my RV home.

The crowds at EPCOT were better than they were last week. For most of the afternoon it was easy walking and the lines were a little shorter. I started my visit with a walk on to the Space Ship Earth ride before making my way to the French Pavilion at the back of the park. The new Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure only had an projected wait time of sixty minutes. I had tried unsuccessfully this morning to buy a lightening lane (skip the standby line) pass, so waiting was my only option. When I arrived at the back of the line the sign predicted a seventy minute wait. I was on the ride in about fifty minutes and back in the hot sun in an hour. It is a cute ride using trackless autonomous ride vehicles and 3d projection screens.

After the ride I took a break from the park and road the new Sky Liner transportation system to its hub at the Caribbean Beach Resort and back to EPCOT. This is a ten passenger gondola style ride similar to a ski lift without the mountain. I really wasn’t impressed, but it is better than the Disney buses which is the only alternative.

Back at EPCOT I saw a couple of shows, road a couple of rides and wandered through more gift shops than I usually tour in a year. The park was also getting busier. A media event for the new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster was being held in the park. All things considered I didn’t wait for the Harmonious Night time show.

Here are more of the pictures I took during the afternoon. There are a lot of pictures of the beautiful orchids at the Mexico Pavilion as well as the topiaries scattered throughout the park for the Flower and Garden Festival.

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