Relaxing Sunday

Sunday May 1st 2022

I spent the day relaxing which didn’t generate anything particularly blog worthy, so reader beware. It was sunny day with a high temperature in the mid eighties. Late in the afternoon and earl evening there was a lot of thunder in the area. One brief period of light rain occurred before sunset.

The Duck Family

The campground really emptied out today. It seemed to be many more than just the weekenders. Possibly because it is the 1st of May, many of the extended stay guests seemed to be leaving today. They are easy to identify by the number of golf carts that arrive as they are packing up to wish them good bye and good travels. Two were across the street from me. All of the visitors really didn’t help them get hooked up. One guy seemed to be struggling just to remember all the things he had to do, but kept getting interrupted. Everybody was gone shortly after the 11AM checkout time.

Walking around the campground this afternoon there were lots of empty sites. I only saw a couple of rigs arrive to fill them. There is some thought that we are in a transition period. All of the northern school vacation weeks are over and the end of the school year in the south is still two or three weeks away. I plan to visit Disney a couple more times this week, so it will be interesting to see if the crowds have slowed down some.

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